Justice Project Assessment

Judge Malcolm Simmons

Not long ago i attended the conference inside Singapore of which the eminent Judge, Malcolm Simmons, gave the presentation on task evaluation with particular reference to tasks relating to courtroom reform.

Judge Simmons began by explaining the goal of task evaluation and its own role inside the justice industry. Crucially, he emphatically pressed the idea that task evaluation had been an evolving procedure which should commence at the start of task. Judge Simmons has been critical of these who saw assessment as something to become performed towards the end from the task. Evaluation performed through the entire life from the task provided possibilities for reassessment.

In conclusion, Judge Simmons explained that task assessment required an assessment of (i) crucial Benchmarks; (ii) Catalog signals and (iii) Result, result and system-wide effect indicators.

It is useful to mix indicators (to be able to (1) verify dimensions by combining signals measured by various kinds of information, and (2) get yourself a multi-dimensional image of the phenomenon by merging indicators that whenever come up with provide a lot more than the sum of the the components). Thereafter, an evaluation of: (i) Effect; (ii) Outcome assessment and (iii) Perceptional information.

This is an insightful presentation attended by senior members of regional ministries of justice, civil servants and court managers.