What Does a DUI Defense Lawyer Do?

The first thing a criminal attorney does is review your case, whether it be a simple misdemeanor or a felony. They will also review the specific laws that apply to your case, and whether there was a violation of the traffic code. While an attorney may not know all of the details of your case, they will need the police report, DMV letter, and other documents to build a compelling case for your client.

DUI attorneys are well-versed in DUI laws and can negotiate with prosecutors for the best possible outcome. These lawyers are adept at handling the many deadlines associated with these cases. They can recover necessary evidence, and negotiate with tough prosecutors. Generally speaking, they are the best choice for any DUI case. And, hiring a DUI lawyer is not cheap! In addition to defending you in court, they also protect your future.

DUI attorneys can also request a police report. A police report details the circumstances surrounding the arrest, including why you were stopped and the results of your breathalyzer and blood or breath tests. Often, these details are relevant to determining the best course of action. The best DUI defense lawyer will challenge these details to reduce the charges. If the charges are not dropped, a DUI attorney will fight hard to get them reduced or eliminated altogether.

DUI attorneys can also help you get your license back faster. They can offer legal advice that will impress the judge. The lawyer can also work to reduce your blood alcohol content, which can lower your sentence. In addition, DUI attorneys can even help you get less jail time if you agree to attend an alcohol treatment program or perform community service. If you get a DUI, your freedom may be threatened, so having a DUI attorney can help you get your license back in less time.

The best way to hire a DUI defense lawyer is to seek legal representation. DUI charges are serious and complex, and without an attorney, your chances of getting the charges reduced are virtually zero. Your attorney will help you prepare for a trial, and your attorney will help you prepare for the courtroom. Without a DUI defense attorney, you are expected to stand up to the prosecutor’s evidence and fight the charges.

If you have never experienced legal proceedings before, hiring an attorney may not be worth the money. DUI lawyers offer free consultations, which give you the opportunity to explain your case and learn your legal options. This free consultation is also an opportunity to determine if a DUI defense attorney is right for you and whether you trust them with your case. Remember to verify whether the initial consultation is free or not. Some attorneys charge a consultation fee, and apply it to the legal fees.

DUI defense attorneys are trained to present your defense in the most favorable light possible, and they know how to rebut the prosecution’s case. They know when to take notes, give jury instructions, and dispute scientific evidence. Hiring an attorney is an excellent investment for your future, so don’t delay and hire one now. You’ll be glad you did.